Must see in Slovenia: the beautiful Vintgar gorge

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Wanneer we een vakantie naar Oostenrijk plannen en ik zie dat we wel heel dichtbij Slovenië zitten weet ik zeker dat ik 2 plekken heel graag wil bezoeken: de Vintgar kloof én Triglav National Park. Visiting both places in one day is a bit too much, especially since we really want to take our time in Triglav. So on our first day in Slovenia we drive through Triglav at ease, enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful views. A few days later we go again. We crash down at the mountain water next to Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora, where the children play for hours in the water.

Early morning or late afternoon to Vintgar gorge?

Towards the end of the afternoon we head towards the Vintgar Gorge, which is about a 40 minute drive from Lake Jasna. Why so late? Because we have already heard that it is extremely busy in the middle of the day. Buses full of tourists drive back and forth, so you almost walk through the gorge “in a traffic jam”. At least that’s what they told us. I believe it immediately when we arrive and we have to park in a parking lot a little further. When we approach the entrance of the Vintgar gorge on foot, we have to cross a gigantic parking lot, which is now pretty empty. I don’t want to know how busy it is during the day!

Must see in Slovenia: the beautiful Vintgar gorge -

How the Vintgar gorge was created

For millions of years, the river Radovna has made its way through part of the Julian Alps, forming the Vintgar gorge. The river flows between steep rock walls for no less than 1.6 kilometers, with the first part being the most imposing. In some places the gorge is as deep as 250 meters. The Vintgar Gorge was opened to the public in 1893.

The first part of the Vintgar gorge is characterized by the steep rock walls and the narrow width, which means that the water flows quickly here. In the middle of the gorge it becomes wider and quieter. This also allows you to get to the height of the water and bathe your feet via the pebble beaches. At the end of the Vintgar gorge it narrows again, here is the waterfall Šum (Slap Šum).

Possibility to start on 2 sides

You can start your walk on either side of the gorge. Although it must be said that when you walk downstream, the first part is the most impressive. When you walk upstream you start on the side of the waterfall. We choose to walk downstream, in the direction of the waterfall. We already have the idea in advance not to make the whole walk. It may be “only” 1.6 kilometers but I want to take some extra time for photography and I like to do that in the first part, where you will find the most rapids.

Must see in Slovenia: the beautiful Vintgar gorge -

It is about 5 pm when we climb the wooden footbridge. There are many people who walk towards us, but that soon becomes less. The wooden paths are narrow, especially in places where the rocks slope slightly. Handy to watch out for your head and especially when you have children in back carriers with you. Especially in these places it is almost impossible to pass each other.

Tip for shooting in the Vintgar gorge: Bring a tripod, then you can set slower shutter speeds, which gives you the “cloudy effect” of running water. Early or late in the day is also better for photography, when there is little light (or direct sun) in the canyon. This allows you to use slower shutter speeds. Set your ISO as low as possible and your aperture as small as possible (high number). You can do this in AV mode, so that your camera takes the right shutter speed itself, or completely manually in M mode. Don’t forget to use the self-timer: with such slow shutter speeds, your camera always moves when you press the shutter button! The wooden walkway moves back and forth when people walk over it. So wait until no one comes (very difficult when it’s busy!) Or stand on a stone surface in one of the places just next to the path.

How much time do you need in the Vintgar gorge?

We hear it takes about an hour to walk to the waterfall, with a stop here and there for photos. There is a possibility to swim at the waterfall, so bring swimming gear when the weather is nice and you visit the Vintgar gorge in the middle of the day :-) Keep in mind that you need about 2.5 hours to get there and walk back. There is possibly a path outside the Vintgar gorge that you can walk back to the parking lot. But of course you can also walk back the same way and enjoy all the water violence a second time.

Must see in Slovenia: the beautiful Vintgar gorge -

Vintgar gorge opening times

The Vintgar Gorge is open every day from 08:00 in the morning to 19:00 in the evening. Do you want to make the whole walk and also return via the gorge? Then we recommend starting your walk no later than 4 p.m. It is a bit busy at the beginning, but on the way back you almost have the gorge to yourself!

Vintgar gorge price / entrance fee

The entrance fee to the Vintgar Gorge is €10.00 for adults, €3.00 for children from 6 to 15 years old and €1.00 for children under 6 years old.*

Vintgar gorge parking

Parking costs €5.00. When you are early you can leave your car in the large parking lot right at the entrance, when you arrive later in the day parking attendants will show you a place in another nearby parking lot. From here it is a few minutes walk to the entrance of the gorge.

*Information and prices of summer 2021

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