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Viðareiði, northernmost village in the Faroe Islands

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Viðareiði is a small village on the island of Viðoy, in the north of the Faroe Islands. Viðoy, like all the other Faroe Islands, is picturesquely beautiful. And yet very different! Despite the fact that the island looks and feels very remote due to its location, you drive there from the capital Tórshavn in an hour.

Most beautiful view of Viðareiði

You’ll find Viðareiði on an isthmus between two majestic mountains. To the north, the imposing mountain Villingdalsfjall towers more than 844 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain on the northern islands of the Faroe Islands and the third highest in the entire Faroese archipelago. South of Viðareiði is the 751-meter-high, conical mountain Malinsfjall. To see this lad you need some luck; usually much of the mountain is shrouded in fog.

For spectacular views of Viðareiði and Malinsfjall, follow part of the hiking trail to Villingadalsfjall. The route is marked with posts from the village. If you feel like a longer hike, you can take the hike to Cape Enniberg. Cape Enniberg is the northernmost point of the Faroe Islands and with a height of 754 meters it is also the highest sea cliff in Europe. The hike can be done on your own, but only for very experienced hikers. Of course, the safest way to reach Cape Enniberg is with a guide.

Also from Viðareiði you have beautiful views

Unfortunately, both Malinsfjall and Villingadalsfjall are shrouded in fog during my visit to Viðareiði. But even then, the island of Viðoy is not a disappointment! In fact, Viðareiði has beautiful spots to photograph. And at the edge of the village you have breathtaking views. Looking west from Viðareiði you can see the steep cliffs of the neighboring islands of Borðoy, Kunoy and even those of Kalsoy. To the east, with clear weather you can see the neighboring island of Fugloy.

Vidoy Faeroer Islands Vidareidi - Reislegende.nl
Vidareidi Vidoy Faroe Islands views - Reislegende.nl
Vidareidi church Vidoy Faroe Islands - Reislegende.nl
Vidoy Vidareidi Faroe Islands - Reislegende.nl

Church of Viðareiði (Viðareiði Kirkja) in Viðareiði on Viðoy

The village’s church, Viðareiði Kirkja, stands in a beautiful spot close to the shoreline. Like many other churches in the Faroe Islands, this is another photogenic building in an idyllic spot. The church was built and commissioned in the late 19th century, replacing the old church built in 1831. Inside the church is British silver, donated by the British Royal Navy in 1847. In that year, a British merchant ship (Marwood) ran aground off the coast of Viðareiði after drifting adrift at sea for three weeks. The people of Viðareiði received the church silver as thanks for taking care of the crew.

Vidareidi Kirkja Vidoy Faroe Islands - Reislegende.nl

Viðareiði viewpoint after Viðareiðistunnilin

In 2016, the nearly 2-kilometer-long Viðareiðistunnilin on Viðoy was inaugurated. The tunnel was constructed right through the mountain mass in the middle of the island. This makes Viðareiði no longer dependent on Road 70 along the west coast, which in the past has been regularly plagued by landslides, mudslides and other natural disasters. Coming out of the tunnel, you soon reach Viðareiði viewpoint. From here (with clear weather) you have a beautiful view of Viðareiði situated on the isthmus and the Villingadalsfjall behind it.

Viðareiðistunnilin on the island of Viðoy - Reislegende.nl
Road 70 with halfway the Viðareiðistunnilin

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