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Tjørnuvík, remote village on Faroe island of Streymoy

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If you’re talking about villages with a view on the Faroe Islands then the village of Tjørnuvík certainly deserves a place in the list alongside villages such as Viðareiði, Gjogv and Funningur. The road to Tjørnuvík (route 594) alone is fantastic. You drive past Fossá, the highest waterfall in the Faroe Islands, the views are great and on the way you have to constantly watch out for sheep. An experience in itself!

Most northernmost village on Streymoy

Tjørnuvík is the northernmost village on the island of Streymoy and lies the curve of a bay in a wide, deep valley. Several finds show that people lived here in Viking times; among other things, a Viking burial site was found in the 1950s. Today, around 65 people live in the village. From a distance, it feels like the most remote village you’ve ever seen. The mountain walls are immense and the village seems tiny so in the depths.

Tjornuvik most beautiful villages Faroe Islands - Reislegende.nl
Road to Tjornuvik Faroe Islands most beautiful villages - Reislegende.nl

Tjørnuvík, surfing with views of Risin og Kellingin

Tjørnuvík has a beautiful wide beach, from where you have a view of the impressive sea stacks Risin og Kellingin. The place is popular with wave surfers; real diehards brave the cold waters of the North Atlantic Sea to catch beautiful waves here. If there are not enough waves, kayaks are also regularly caught in the bay. In addition to wave surfing and kayaking, guided tours are offered that include all activities, including cliff jumping. Thrill seekers are in the right place in Tjørnuvík!

View Tjornuvik Faroe Islands most beautiful villages - Reislegende.nl
Tjornuvik beach Faroe Islands most beautiful villages - Reislegende.nl

Hiking from Tjørnuvík to Saksun

From Tjørnuvík you can hike to Saksun. The trail is easy to follow due to stone males along the path. The hike takes about 2 hours, it is 6.5 kilometers in total. However, there is a good chance that you also have to return to Tjørnuvík because your car is parked there; so double your time :-)

Visiting Tjørnuvík from Tórshavn

From Tórshavn drive to Tjørnuvík in about 50 minutes. In practice, this actually doesn’t work out. In fact, you are sure to stop at several places along the way, including Fossá, the highest waterfall in the Faroe Islands. You can also combine a visit to Tjørnuvík with a route across the island of Eysturoy. Drive from Tórshavn, for example, first to Funningurand then to Gjógv and Eiði. Via the west coast of Eysturoy you can descend towards Brúgvin um Streymin, the bridge between the islands of Eysturoy and Streymoy. From here, pick up the road to Tjørnuvík.

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