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Funningur, picturesque village on Faroese island of Eysturoy

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Funningur is a picturesque village lying along the fjord Funningsfjørður on the Faroese island of Eysturoy. It is said that Funningur was where the first viking (Grímur Kamban) settled at the beginning of the 9th century. So a village with a history! And definitely a place to visit, for example when you are on your way to the more distant Gjógv.

The stunning location of Funningur

There are many villages in the Faroe Islands that look beautiful, and this is certainly true of the 70-population Funningur. The village lies in a wide valley and is surrounded by high mountains, including Blámansfjall (792m), Grafelli (856m), Vaðhorn (780m) and Slættaratindur; with a height of 882 meters, the highest mountain in the archipelago. Funningur lies on the banks of the deep Funningsfjørður and residents of the village look out over the eastern part of Eysturoy as well as the impressive neighboring island of Kalsoy. Really, it could hardly be more beautiful!

Mountain Pass Gjáarskarð

The road along the Funningsfjørður fjord turns into Gjáarskarð, the mountain pass between the Slættaratindur and Middagsfjall mountains, after the Funningur turnoff. From atop the mountain pass you have a beautiful view of Funningur, the beginning of the mountain pass and the neighboring islands. At the highest point of the mountain pass you can take a short hike to the Hvíthamar viewpoint. Here you are said to have the best view of Funningsfjørður, Kalsoy and all the surrounding mountain peaks. Unfortunately, in our enthusiasm we just drove past it. Back another time then!

Gjaarskard Funningur Eysturoy faroe islands - Reislegende.nl

Colorful houses along the Stórá River

Across Funningur flows the river Stórá, which empties into Funningsfjørður. Surrounding this river, which may look more like a babbling brook in drier seasons, are colorful houses. Despite the fact that Funningur is one of the oldest villages on the archipelago, you hardly see any traditional, Faroese houses here. Right on the shore of the fjord, on the northern side of the river, is Funningur’s church. On the southern side of the river is the (new) cemetery, although tombstones belonging to the old cemetery can be seen right next to the church.

Funningur fjord Eysturoy faroe islands - Reislegende.nl

Funnings Kirkja

Funningur’s church, Funnings Kirkja, was built in 1847 on the former islet of Niðri í Hólma, as a replacement for the old church (late 17th century). The church is among the 10 remaining original wooden churches in the Faroe Islands. Funnings Kirkja has also been the church for nearby villages for a long time. For example, residents of the nearby village of Gjógv came on foot to Funningur to attend church services, until the Gjáarkirkja church was built in Gjógv in 1929. Funnings Kirkja certainly belongs on the list of the most beautiful churches of the Faroe Islands. If only for its breathtaking location on the fjord. A church with a view!

Funningur Funnings Kirkja Eysturoy faroe islands - Reislegende.nl

Funningur, picturesque village on Faroese island of Eysturoy

You see, Funningur is a village where you should definitely stop. Take a stroll through the streets of the village, along the river towards Funningur Kirkja. Sit in the grassy side next to the water and enjoy the insanely beautiful view of the fjord as well as neighboring island Kalsoy. And after that? Hup, on to also beautifully situated Gjógv!

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