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A day trip to the Wadden coast of Friesland

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As Dutch people, we are very proud of the Wadden area. We love going to the islands, whether it’s in the summer or any other time of year. Every season has something beautiful to offer on the Wadden Islands! But did you know that along the coast of the mainland, bordering the Wadden Sea, there is also a lot to discover? I’m going out for a day and I can tell you: a day at the Wadden coast of Friesland is highly recommended.

Wadden Sea, UNESCO World Heritage

In 2009, the Wadden Sea was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Well deserved, because this sea is the largest continuous system of sand and mud flats in the world. During low tide, large parts here dry up, while the natural processes continue. And that is special. In the area you will find sand flats and mussel beds, mud flats, salt marshes and tidal channels that fill with water when the tide comes in. There are salt marshes, beaches and dunes along the coast. Birds are only too happy to spend the winter in the area and the Wadden area is also very busy during the breeding season. A feast for the avid bird watcher.

Wadden coast of Friesland and Groningen

The Wadden coast in the north of the Netherlands is many kilometers long. The Frisian part of the Wadden coast stretches from the Afsluitdijk to the Lauwersmeer. The Groningen Wadden coast stretches from the Lauwersmeer to Oldambt. This is where the Dutch Wadden coast ends and Germany takes over. The last part of the Wadden coast can be found in the south of Denmark, up to Esbjerg.

National Park Lauwersmeer Friesland -

What to do during a day trip to the Frisian Wadden coast?

It should be clear that the nature lover in the Wadden area is completely at home. What you can do on the Wadden coast of Friesland, besides enjoying all the natural beauty around you? You can read that below!

Mudflat hiking with a guide

Perhaps mudflat hiking is the first thing you think of when activities in the Wadden area come up. And that’s good, because it’s something you shouldn’t miss when visiting the Wadden coast. You can start mudflat hiking trips from various places along the coast. I’m making a mini mudflat hike near Paesens-Moddergat with the Oan ‘e dyk Foundation. Guide Harm-Jan leads us along the edge of the Paezumerlannen nature reserve onto the dried up bottom of the Wadden Sea. We are lucky with a light wind, very pleasant temperatures and sunshine, something that according to Harm-Jan is quite special in March. He tells us all about life in the Wadden Sea and shows us which shellfish are left behind in the seabed when the seawater recedes. The enthusiasm is splashing, what a born storyteller this man is!

Day trip to the Frisian Wadden coast mudflat hiking from Moddergat -
Wadden coast Friesland mudflat hiking from Moddergat -

Hiking in National Park Lauwersmeer

The Lauwersmeer is partly in Friesland and partly in Groningen. Together with the surrounding area, the lake forms the 60 km² National Park Lauwersmeer. The Lauwersmeer was created after the Lauwerszee was closed in 1969 for safety reasons. Since then, the area has developed in its own way. You will find forests, swamps and vast water features in this national park.

In National Park Lauwersmeer you can take beautiful walks. I walk part of the 4.5 kilometer long WasWadPad; a very educational walk for children between 6 and 12 years old. During the walks you will come across different places with information boards, each of which is placed in a completely different way. This walk also takes you past the new lookout tower De Reiddomp. So two birds with one stone! You can park for this walk at Natural Kollumeroord.

Hiking in National Park Lauwersmeer -

The Reiddomp, new lookout tower at Lauwersmeer

A beautiful place to be at sunrise or sunset is De Reiddomp, a new watchtower. The 25 meter high Reiddomp is located on the south side of the Lauwersmeer, along the northern edge of the Diepsterbos. From the watchtower you have a wide view; you can kind of imagine what birds see in this area. Don’t forget to stop at the information boards on your way up. After reading the texts and looking at the drawings, you suddenly know a lot more about the flora and fauna in the area.

National Park Lauwersmeer watchtower The Reiddomp -

Terp fan de Takomst

Near the village of Blije is a fairly new attraction: the Terp fan de Takomst. Terps play an important role in the history of Friesland. The raised elevations in the landscape ensured that people and homes remained safe from high water for centuries. The height of mounds varied; sometimes a mound was only 1 meter high, sometimes as much as 8 meters. Sometimes there was 1 house on a terp, sometimes an entire community including a church. In order not to forget the terp in general and to make a link to the present, the idea for the Terp fan de Takomst was born. The mound is located outside the dike on the edge of the salt marsh. It has become a place where you can go to be one with nature. Festivities take place in the summer and the terp is also used for research and education. A multifunctional place.

Tip in Friesland The Netherlands Terp fan de Takomst day trip Wadden coast Friesland -

Nice places and cities along the Frisian Wadden coast

In the north of Friesland, close to the Wadden coast, you will find many nice places and cities. The Eleven Cities will be the first to emerge. Harlingen, Workum, Franeker, Leeuwarden and Dokkum, among others, are interesting to visit. Here you will find historical sights, a nice center, beautiful water features and cozy restaurants. Do you like a sporty challenge? Then there are various walking and cycling routes that visit the various towns and villages. It is even possible to complete the Elfstedentocht by bike!

Dokkum lovely cities and villages near Wadden coast in Friesland The Netherlands -

Spend the night on the Frisian Wadden coast

Do you not just want to go to the Wadden coast for a day, but want to stay there for a night or even for a longer period of time? Then there are beautiful accommodation options. Whether you want to spend the night in a cottage or in a hiker’s cabin, in a hotel or in a park. Something for everyone!

It Dreamlân in Kollumerpomp

It Dreamlân in Kollumerpomp is a recognized natural camping site. But in addition to many beautifully situated camping spots with a wide view, It Dreamlân also has a beautiful group accommodation. You can stay here with a group of up to 20 people. The property consists of four separate residential houses. Are you with a group and do you want to retreat? Then you can do it in your own home. Do you want to look up the fun? You can do that in the cozy common room. In the summer months, these houses can be rented separately. It Dreamlân is also a nice place to spend the night for cyclists passing through. There are two beautiful tiny houses on the site that overlook the meadow landscape.

Tiny house Friesland It Dreamlan spend the night in Friesland -

Het Lage Noorden in Marrum

Creative people among us are completely at home at Het Lage Noorden in Marrum. A special place where artists and creative people can work. You don’t have to be creative to come here: Het Lage Noorden is also a pleasant meeting place. In the canteen you can’t believe your eyes, what you see here is all vintage and retro. You can eat something delicious, visit artists and climb the feed silo that has been converted into a watchtower. If you still don’t want to leave here, you can stay overnight in one of the beautiful accommodations.

Het Lage Noorden Friesland tip accommodation -

Landal Esonstad in Anjum

Landal Esonstad is located on the west side of the Lauwersmeer, in Anjum. It looks like a town in itself, with houses and apartments in Old Frisian style. In addition to the well-known facilities offered by Landal, Esonstad has a lot of water and an open water connection to the Lauwersmeer. A super nice place to stay in the summer, but it is also cozy in the winter!

Landal Esonstad Lauwersmeer -

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